About Greenfield

We make taking care of your garden easier!

The Greenfield company, founded in 2000, has always felt committed to keeping your lawn looking its best throughout the year by providing its customers with the best lawn care available.  Active in the green community, our managers and employees strive to keep up-to-date with all the latest technological innovations as well as staying current on invasive pests and turf disease trends and treatments.  The company is licensed and insured and is a member of the following professional associations:  state Arborists and Lawn Care Professionals, The International Society of Arboriculture-Rocky Mountain Chapter and Colorado Plant Select.

We Make
Lawn Mowing Easy

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Nothing Says Home,
Sweet Home Louder Than a Freshly Mowed Lawn!


At the beginning of spring, our lawn was a mess. My husband was seriously planning to rototill the entire yard and start over again. Fortunately, you persuaded him otherwise and your…

— Marla Brown

Being 70 years old and having arthritis does not help when it comes to lawn mowing and garden trimming. That’s why the help that these guys do provide me with is so important and timely for me!

— Sam Kartman

I feel really good about giving my garden a trim or tow… once a year! The rest of the time I prefer that my garden and my lawn mowing to be done by some professionals, just like these guys are!

— Sandra Morrow

Take Care
of Your Garden Today!

We are determined to carry on our mission for as long as there will be a demand for that kind of care!
4096 N Highland St, Arlington, VA 32101, USA



Working Days:
Mon. – Fri.
Working Hours:
9.00AM – 5.00PM